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internet wifi sharing

asked 2013-09-22 17:39:23 -0500

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updated 2013-09-24 06:55:29 -0500

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How can I share the internet on a F-19 laptop to other linux machines over wifi, preferably with authentication.

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answered 2013-09-23 05:20:36 -0500

xzibbitist gravatar image

For as far as i know, you cant share an internet connection on the same WiFi network card as receiving it. You can, however, share a wired LAN connection by creating an ad-hoc WiFi access point.

How to create an ad-hoc network;

Here is the Ad-Hoc network we are going to set up: The SSID is turret Two computers, called A and B We are going to use static ip addresses, A's ip is and B's ip is How to Setup an Ad-Hoc wireless network from NetworkManager

Right-click the NetworkManager icon
Select "Edit Connections"
Click on the "Wireless" tab
Click on "Add"

In the connection name box, type in "Turret adhoc". You can call it anything you want Turret Ad-Hoc connection The connect automatically option is selected. You can uncheck it if you want.

Under the wireless tab, type the word turret in the SSID box.  Substitute turret for whatever you want to name your network.
SSID: turret

Under the mode drop-down, select Ad-Hoc

For simplicity's sake, don't set anything under the "Wireless Security" tab. You can always go back once the connection is working and make it more secure

Click on the "IPV4 Settings" tab
Select "Manual" from the Method drop-down box

Click on the "Add" button to add in a new Address

Type in the following in each column: You can always substitue your own ip addresses, but see the note at the bottom first.


Click apply at the bottom Click on the NetworkManager icon and look to see if your newly created network is there. If it is, click on it to connect. If it is not, click on the "Connect to Hidden Wireless Network". Then select it from the drop-down box and click ok.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation. But I am looking something like connectify (, which facilitates connecting & sharing the same wifi.

Mohan G gravatar imageMohan G ( 2013-09-29 12:22:13 -0500 )edit

answered 2013-09-29 01:16:47 -0500

luisg gravatar image

Can you please explain how to take an internet connection from wireless (wlan0) and share it via ethernet (eth0), in Fedora (or any redhat based distributions for that matter). I can find plenty of pages that can take internet connections from Ethernet (eth0) and share it via wireless (wlan0 or Ethernet eth1). My goal is to do the folowing: Computer 1, has internet connection from wireless, and I want to share it through my Ethernet port to computer 2. Computer 2, will connect to computer 1's Ethernet port, and receive an IP via DHCP, and connect to the internet using computer 1's internet connection being shared. How do I accomplish this? Thank you in advance.

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