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Fedora 19 Dracut "swap does not exist" boot error [closed]

asked 2013-09-17 03:06:52 -0500

Jcmaykin gravatar image

updated 2013-09-18 03:14:39 -0500

After trying to remove an old fedora partition I had to remove a swap as I ended up with two, however to remove the old swap I ran swapoff -a which turned all swaps off. I then removed the partition and rebooted.

Upon reboot I was greeted by dracut failing to boot and entering emergency shell, giving me the following error:

Warning /dev/fedora_op/swap does not exist
Warning /dev/mapper/fedora_op/swap does not exist

"Fedora_op" was the old fedora installation, which my current seemed to be using it's swap file since that was created first.

Can I fix this error with a few commands? I'm not in the know.

I also have access to a fedora 18 cd which I have just used to recover the grub menu after installing windows, so I can use the rescue option there to enter the shell too.

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answered 2013-09-17 05:47:45 -0500

Pascal76 gravatar image

Try to run as root in a terminal:

dracut --regenerate-all --force

after a reboot it should be fixed again.

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So from using the recovery tool on the Fedora 18 disc to allow me to access shell, I did

"chroot /mnt/sysimage" (to run as root) "dracut --regenerate-all --force"

Which resulted in:

"W: Turning off host-only mode: '/run' is not mounted!" "W: Turning off host-only mode: udev database not found!"

Booting back into fedora the error dracut gave me this time only contained one warning: 'Warning /dev/fedora_op/swap does not exist'

The mapper one seems to have disappeared.

Jcmaykin gravatar imageJcmaykin ( 2013-09-17 07:47:35 -0500 )edit

answered 2013-12-11 15:04:49 -0500

You should've done this before running the dracut:

for d in /sys /dev /run /proc ; do mount -v --bind "$d" /mnt/sysimage"$d" ; done
chroot /mnt/sysimage
dracut -v --force --regenerate-all
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answered 2013-09-18 12:16:57 -0500

Jcmaykin gravatar image

No help so resorted to doing a fresh install. Problem sorted.

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