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Fedora 19 LXDE - Make compiz default Window Manager

asked 2013-09-07 04:54:39 -0500

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updated 2013-09-07 21:04:15 -0500

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I've installed Cairo-Dock on my Fedora 19 LXDE PC and while all is well, I have the dock sitting on an opaque black rectangle.

I then installed compiz & ccsm, but still everytime I restart the PC, the black opaque rectange is back until I click on "Composite-Manager".

I've even looked around the "CompizConfig Settings Manager" for anything like autostart but to no avail.

How would I be able to get compiz to start automatically with Fedora?

Thanks in anticipation.

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answered 2013-09-11 03:52:43 -0500

Amit Caleechurn gravatar image

LXDE attemps to load the window manager from the user's lxsession configuration file from ~/.config/lxsession/LXDE/desktop.conf, if it does not exist, it will attempt to load the global configuration file /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE/desktop.conf.

Replace the openbox-lxde command with the window manager of your choice:

For compiz:

window_manager=compiz ccp --indirect-rendering
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