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How to enable NFS for a DVD drive?

asked 2013-08-25 12:14:31 -0500

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updated 2014-09-30 21:43:10 -0500

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I have found out that I need some applications that is on a DVD. I have tried to move the install files to USB - but no luck. Well, I have looked for an alternative solution, and found one. But for this I require a dock for my laptop - and this is what causing for me a problem. Sadly, I don't have any kind of dock, and I think there is no any kind of possibility to buy one in short time - and the only option to have a DVD drive if I do NFS and borrow my brother win7 machine (huge gaming box) DVD drive through the network. So, my question is how can I do this? What should I install, and set for it to have NFS mounted DVD drive on my laptop?

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answered 2013-08-25 12:57:34 -0500

rheldaemon gravatar image

If I understand you question correct your brothers box is running Windows 7 and you have installed fedora or any other linux distribution and I do not think that a gamer have installed Client Services for NFS on Windows therefore I assume NFS is not available on your brothers Windows box (only if you have installed previous mentioned Microsoft software). However you can access the drive via smbmount and you have to share the Windows 7 box drive (right click and share) and change permissions accordingly. However in case Client Services for NFS on Windows is installed:

mount [options] //nfs-server-unc-name/share-name [drive letter]

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