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battery draining less than one hour

asked 2013-08-24 23:11:51 -0500

dpreetham gravatar image

hi, Please tell me solution. I have installed fedora 19 in dual boot. in windows 7 usually comes 3 hrs. but in fedora its coming less than one hour. I am using HP dv6121 laptop. i have installed powertop, jupiter. but i dont know how to use...

please let me know what to do. i have seen so many forums. but no solution helped me.

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5 Answers

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answered 2013-09-05 02:21:58 -0500

chrisroberts gravatar image

updated 2014-01-02 08:19:11 -0500

Bucic gravatar image

Powertop is a great app for helping with low battery issues. I had this suggest to me in #fedora and I installed it on my machine. After fixing what it said was bad I am getting around an extra 1-1.5 hours on my battery. I cant post links because of my karma but if you google powertop its the first thing that comes up.

It's best for troubleshooting/pinpointing a module that drains your power AND it's very easy to use.

In terminal go
su -c 'yum install powertop'
su -c 'powertop'
Right away you see processes sorted by power usage (wakes translate to power usage) and you have the ones to blame.
If I were you I would switch to the Tunables tab (using Tab key) without further troubleshooting and enabled all of 'bad'-marked modules using the ENTER key. Open another Terminal window and launch sensors to see the temperatures and fan RPM.

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answered 2013-09-05 06:14:25 -0500

Bucic gravatar image

updated 2014-01-18 03:23:03 -0500

As stated before powertop is best for pinpointing a process that consumes too much power as well as enable some power saving options.

Then you can use other tools to manage power consumption, like the TLP or laptop-mode-tools. Jupiter is no more. The TLP is its successor.
Improve Power Usage / Battery Life In Linux With TLP

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answered 2013-08-25 01:02:57 -0500

zoltanh721 gravatar image

Jupiter is just an quick energy handler, where you can switch your needs. First of all, you have to check what you are using from the laptop services - eg. RF devices are also big consumers. You have to also check that you have the latest bios in your laptop or not, if not - mostly brings fixed ACPI too, that linux can use out. Otherwise - powertop helps to find elements that are can be controlled, but doesn't sets anything. If you start it in commandline - you get a long list about your controllable resources. Then you have to set the acpi commands that disables or limits the hw parts when the OS loads in. This is fine grain control, but first you have to make an bios upgrade, and bios setup where you can also turn off hw parts.

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Please remove the bits on powertop not setting anything.

Bucic gravatar imageBucic ( 2013-09-05 06:23:05 -0500 )edit

answered 2014-01-02 09:26:04 -0500


With kernel 3.12.5 my hp probook is now giving me around 1 hour and 30 minutes backup before it was just giving me less than an hour backup.

Try upgrading your OS. It may fix the problem.

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answered 2013-08-26 03:10:26 -0500

davidva gravatar image

updated 2013-08-26 20:42:36 -0500

Hi, I packed laptop-mode-tools

What is laptop-mode-tools?

Laptop Mode Tools is a laptop power saving package for Linux systems. It allows you to extend the battery life of your laptop, in several ways. It is the primary way to enable the Laptop Mode feature of the Linux kernel, which lets your hard drive spin down. In addition, it allows you to tweak a number of other power-related settings using a simple configuration file.

How to install laptop-mode-tools?

yum install

known Issues

You do not have a single USB device that you want powered down while actively using your computer, even in power saving mode. Your wired USB mouse, your bluetooth radio that You use to connect to your car's computer, various cameras, your laptop cooler, and you various usb mass storage devices all become annoying to use when the USB power is shut off after only a few seconds. If you are not using them, you typically will unplug them from the USB port just because you cannot have everything plugged simultaneously into your laptop.

Then if you want change the usb-autosuspend options

sudo gedit /etc/laptop-mode/conf.d/usb-autosuspend.conf

Now, set or change CONTROL_USB_AUTOSUSPEND="auto" to CONTROL_USB_AUTOSUSPEND="0" Alternatively, you can set AUTOSUSPEND_USE_WHITELIST=1 (best choise) and then whitelist the usb devices that you can be autosuspended with AUTOSUSPEND_USBID_WHITELIST="" and AUTOSUSPEND_USBTYPE_WHITELIST="" in the same file as above. You can use lsusb when the device is plugged in to determine its type and/or USB ID. I consider either of these solutions preferrable to blacklisting because most USB devices are designed to be used while they are plugged in and many of them have their own power-down routines and stop drawing power when they're not being used.

This is a program without any warranty, use it at your own risk.

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