Graphics Problems Fedora 19

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Ok, so I've made the switch from Ubuntu to Fedora, but I'm having a problem. I've tried to install two games, Unknown Horizons and Champions of Regnum, and neither will work, though the symptoms are different for each.

In Unknown Horizons, it will start, and show me the compass-like main menu, but my mouse clicks don't register, and it won't do anything. In the terminal it was saying the following when I'd click something:

"swig/python detected a memory leak of type 'FIFE::MouseEvent *', no destructor found."

When I'd start the game the terminal prompted me with this message:

"Unsupported fife revision 0 (version 0.3.3); at least 4103 required"

The Champions of Regnum will boot to the login screen, and when I login and hit play, it goes to a black full screen for about a minute, then closes, and returns me to the desktop. Now, I have an ATI radeon hd4200, and the akmod-catalyst drivers actually brick my system. After I install the drivers, my fedora won't boot at all, and it actually messes up my other linux installations as well (I had Ubuntu on another partition and after installing these drivers, Ubuntu wouldn't work either). It would boot to command line, and when I tried to initialize xorg it spit out some errors. AFAIK ATI doesn't yet support kernels above 3.4 or something like that, and I'm on

Now, I've got some other stuff working right now through playonlinux: Oblivion (though it's laggy as hell), 1602 (nice old 1998 game), and fallout3 (also laggy as hell).

When I first booted playonlinux it warned me that 32 bit opengl libraries weren't able to be found, so as per a page I had found on the internet, I ran the following command which made everything in playonlinux work (before everything would crash when i tried to launch it):

su -c 'yum install mesa-dri-drivers mesa-dri-drivers.i686'

btw, I have a 64 bit system, and champions of regnum is 64 bit as well, the only thing I can see is that I've only really installed 32 bit libraries as per the above command. However, in the log for champions of regnum the errors don't relate to 64/32 problems. Here are the COR logs:

[24/08/2013 01:36:28] [ClientBase][client_base.cpp(343)] Client build: 38705 [24/08/2013 01:36:28] [RenderizerGL][renderizer_gl_x11.cpp(224)] X Server vendor: Fedora Project [24/08/2013 01:36:28] [RenderizerGL][renderizer_gl_x11.cpp(228)] X Server release: 1.14.2 [24/08/2013 01:36:28] [RenderizerGL][renderizer_gl.cpp(363)] XVidMode Extension version 2.2 [24/08/2013 01:36:28] [RenderizerGL][renderizer_gl.cpp(373)] Xinerama Extension version 1.1 [24/08/2013 01:36:28] [RenderizerGL][renderizer_gl.cpp(399)] Got a 24 bit visual (487) with a 24 bit depth buffer [24/08/2013 01:36:28] [RenderizerGL][renderizer_gl.cpp(468 ... (more)

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