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Currently I use Deja-dup to backup my important files to my home server, but since that hardware is not most reliable (eg old... probably going to die soon :) ) I am searching for alternatives to store my backups. offers 50 GB for free, which is enough for me. I use about 20 GB. So I thought is there a possibility to use that storage to upload my backups to with deja-dup? Doing a google search with these terms lead me there and there, but they are not packaged for Fedora 19.

So. Is it possible to use dejadup to upload backups to in Fedora 19 or does anyone know some other free storage with at least 20 GB of space I can use?

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Mega appears to have some loopy licensing for their API, which leads open source developers at risk. Read the reason why the megatools developer took down that source.

wquine gravatar imagewquine ( 2013-08-02 19:54:26 -0500 )edit