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How to install Tilemill on Fedora 18?

asked 2013-07-31 06:08:13 -0500

Shai Efrati gravatar image

Following the instructions on Mapbox website i found myself with a broken system. I wonder if anyone here managed to install Tilemill on their system.

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3 Answers

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answered 2013-08-01 14:15:23 -0500

marcindulak gravatar image

updated 2013-08-02 03:05:07 -0500

The following works for me. On Fedora 18 you need first to wait until is fixed or install nodejs-millstone from Fedora 19, as root:

   yum -y install wget
   yum -y install nodejs-millstone-0.5.15-3.fc19.noarch.rpm

Then, on Fedora (18/19), continue as root:

   yum -y remove mapnik mapnik-devel # prevent conflicts with the old mapnik-2.0.0
   yum -y install nodejs-millstone nodejs-tilelive npm boost
   yum -y install protobuf-devel protobuf-compiler gdal-devel armadillo-devel
   yum -y install poppler-devel webkitgtk-devel freexl-devel expat-devel
   yum -y install xerces-c-devel libwebp-devel geos-devel netcdf-devel jasper-devel
   yum -y install libgeotiff-devel libgta-devel cfitsio-devel libspatialite-devel
   yum -y install openldap-devel CharLS-devel hdf-devel g2clib-devel libicu-devel
   yum -y install proj-devel postgresql-devel cairomm-devel libtool-ltdl-devel
   yum -y install protobuf-lite-devel polyclipping-devel pycairo-devel 
   yum -y install python-devel 
   yum -y install mysql-devel  # or mariadb-devel

You may need a couple more of *-devel if your Fedora installation is more minimal.

Install mapnik from source (instructions from This step pollutes the filesystem: /usr/local/lib, /usr/local/include, /usr/local/bin/, /usr/lib*/python*/site-packages.

   tar xf mapnik-v2.2.0.tar.bz2
   cd mapnik-v2.2.0
   ./configure && make && make install

Create the missing polyclipping-devel link (also polluting):

   ln -s /usr/include/polyclipping/clipper.hpp /usr/include/clipper.hpp

As unpriviledged user, install tilemill:

   git clone
   cd tilemill
   npm install

There are some ldap libraries missing (needed by srs, but we use nodejs-srs from Fedora), mentioned at, just ignore them.

Run tilemill with:

   NODE_PATH=/usr/lib/node_modules LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib ~/tilemill/index.js

If some node modules do not install under ~/tilemill/node_modules (for me it was 'bones'), install them manually:

   cd ~/tilemill
   npm install bones
   NODE_PATH=/usr/lib/node_modules node -e 'require("bones")'  # verify

Sometimes you need to try few times in order to install a module. It would be nice verify and share this answer on - the gist referenced on that website for "Fedora" is actually for Amazon RHEL6.

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thanks a lot! I had some issues with multilib regarding v8, but managed to overcome them. Now, after "npm install" on tilemill, i get the following error: npm ERR! cb() never called! npm ERR! not ok code 0 - do you know how to move on from here? thanks!

Shai Efrati gravatar imageShai Efrati ( 2013-08-01 17:36:01 -0500 )edit

Have you tried installing several times? Are your npm/node the Fedora ones? There are many bugs open about "cb() never called". People suggest "npm cache clear" or running repeated installations

marcindulak gravatar imagemarcindulak ( 2013-08-02 03:02:51 -0500 )edit

Thanks! i did try more than several times. I did some reading, but didn't got over this issue. I tried also "npm cache clear", but so far it didn't help. So many issues in a relatively easy installation...

Shai Efrati gravatar imageShai Efrati ( 2013-08-02 08:46:00 -0500 )edit

... and it worked for me on both Fedora 18 (twice) and 19. Does it always fail for the same module? Maybe worth trying to install a different version of that module first with npm, or other modules one by one. For me npm install (as unpriviledged user) behaves randomly on the same system - once i get bones installed, another time don't.

marcindulak gravatar imagemarcindulak ( 2013-08-02 10:39:38 -0500 )edit

thanks again. i also posted on the github page of tilemill for the project developers. The issue is here:

Shai Efrati gravatar imageShai Efrati ( 2013-08-02 14:09:01 -0500 )edit

answered 2013-10-25 11:30:32 -0500

leif81 gravatar image

The Tilemill docs currently recommend building from source and refer to this gist specifically for Fedora.

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answered 2013-12-22 04:22:20 -0500

Shai Efrati gravatar image

updated 2013-12-22 04:23:23 -0500

I clean installed Fedora 20, followed @marcindulak steps as written up here, and TileMill is working.


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