Wake on lan

asked 2013-07-26 05:37:15 -0500

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updated 2014-09-29 19:28:23 -0500

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Hello!, my email id is jayanth@cdac.in ... I have a server X with rhel6 and other two machines server Y(rhel 6) and server z(fedora 13). If I execute the command from server Y(i.e rhel 6)#ether-wake -i eth1 mac address(of server X), then it works(i.e from rhel 6 client to rhel 6 server wake on lan works)....BUT FROM SERVER Z(fedora 13) if same command is executed it does not work, example from fedora machine #ether-wake -i eth 1 mac address(of server X) Request anybody to help me in this regard...

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