installed softwares not responding

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hi, I am a big fanatic of linux OS. I wanted to completely shift over to linux based OS and installed fedora but softwares that i frequently require like the open office, gXine are not responding even after being installed. When I click on those I get a loading cursor but after few seconds it goes off without opening up any window. I cannot open any presentations too. Can anyone help me? I really want to learn more and stick up with linux based systems.

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Hi, which Fedora image have you installed? Which CPU/GCU have you? How much RAM do you have? Please provide more info. You might also check with a live Fedora 19 if it gets better. Fedora 17 will be End Of Life soon.

shaiton gravatar imageshaiton ( 2013-07-14 05:00:25 -0500 )edit

HEY i use fedora 17 lxde, my RAM memory is 2GB and I have an intel 13 processor with 2.40 Ghz speed,64 bit. And about fedora 19 mentioned there itself na, I am all new to fedora and the installed ones to not responding well, how will I tackle 19? moreover i chose fedora 17lxde coz it took feeble space from my hard disk, not sure if fedora 19 is compact.. anyways as of now do tell me of some way to mend those installed softwares I ll rule out about upgrading later. thnx nyways....

surya gravatar imagesurya ( 2013-07-17 07:40:03 -0500 )edit

There is no way of saying how well it will work. Please install Fedora 19 and give it a go. Fedora 17 only has a week or two to live.

FranciscoD_ gravatar imageFranciscoD_ ( 2013-07-17 08:16:54 -0500 )edit