Gnome Terminal will not start Fedora 19

asked 2013-07-09 23:00:33 -0500

sferich888 gravatar image

When I try to run the terminal application from gnome it hangs (then simply disappears).

When I use xterm (or the gnome-drop-down-terminal) and try and run gnome-terminal I see the following:

Error constructing proxy for org.gnome.Terminal:/org/gnome/Terminal/Factory0: Error calling StartServiceByName for org.gnome.Terminal: Timeout was reached

Why does the terminal need a proxy? What is it proxying too?

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It seems to be related to your user configuration. Could you please try to create a new user and try to open gnome-terminal from his account?

hmaarrfk gravatar imagehmaarrfk ( 2013-07-10 00:54:19 -0500 )edit

Hi, actually the problem seems to be related to dbus configuration/registration, so the proxy is related to dbus (and not a network proxy). Have you try to reinstall the gnome-terminal package (sudo yum reinstall gnome-terminal) ?

baptistemm gravatar imagebaptistemm ( 2013-08-29 15:33:22 -0500 )edit

Yes, reinstall gnome-terminal is the correct way.

Charles Wang gravatar imageCharles Wang ( 2013-11-29 01:43:22 -0500 )edit