Live installer crashes after a few seconds, starting anaconda directly crashes so hard the system immediately shuts down

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First post, correct me if I do something wrong, etc. Also hi guys!

So I'm trying to install Fedora 18 on my PC from my usb stick, and the installer crashes. This is my setup:

dd if=Fedora-18-x86_64-Live-Desktop.iso of=/dev/sdc6

(/dev/sdc is my memory stick that I want to have a multi-boot system on, dev/sdc6 is a 1G partition on it) (I verified the copy with cmp, dd didn't fail) (EDIT oh, and I'm pretty sure I validated the checksum of the iso image at some point) and this is the relevant part of my grub.cfg (in /dev/sdc):

menuentry "Fedora 18 Desktop 64-bit" {
    search --fs-uuid 2013-01-09-17-26-38-00 --set=root
    set root=($root)
    linux /isolinux/vmlinuz0 ro rd.luks=0 rootfstype=auto acpi_backlight=vendor
    initrd /isolinux/initrd0.img

and this will successfully boot Fedora. Everything works (well, everything I tested - terminal, ttys, Firefox) except for the live installer, which always crashes after a few seconds (even without user input; if I'm fast, I can make it to the language and keyboard selection screen). (EDIT: The descriptions of the crashes below were from memory; two complete outputs follow further down)

liveinst --cmdline gives me a stack trace of an exception of python (not inside python, a C-style stacktrace of the python .o files), then gives me a question (Some [ ] choice, don't remember what it is), and then kicks me out with the error "No questions allowed in command line mode" (or something like that, accompanied with a python stacktrace (yes, inside python this time)).

anaconda --cmdline is similar, but experiences a second python crash and then proceeds to shut down the computer.

Some outputs (on pastebin because I don't know how to do spoilers in markdown):

  • liveinst: http :// pastebin. com /SPSaLJY6 (GUI is up for about 8 seconds)
  • liveinst --cmdline: http: //pastebin. com /50u2WW3R (Crashes much faster)
  • anaconda --cmdline: http: //pastebin. com /NbA50xMn (Crashes almost immediately, this is all it managed to write out to another disk)

The things it's trying to unmount are other partitions on the stick (although there is one more partition there - a LXDE 32-bit Fedora 18 - that it doesn't seem to bother with).

Any ideas?

EDIT: Apparently, I'm not allowed to post links. Couldn't the forum tell me so instead of wasting my time? Took me way too long to figure out :(

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