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How to create usb bootable with windows.iso file in fedora

asked 2013-06-03 09:50:49 -0500

Faisal Aslam gravatar image

updated 2013-06-23 05:03:17 -0500

FranciscoD_ gravatar image

I have fedora installed on my laptop. I need to install windows 7 on my desktop and I got .iso file downloaded from windows store. I need to install windows 7 from my 8 GB USB. I am very new to fedora and installed first time on my laptop and I love it and don't want to go back to windows. Is there any software that can handle this task for me?

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Thnx it worked

Faisal Aslam gravatar imageFaisal Aslam ( 2013-06-23 01:31:31 -0500 )edit

What worked? Can you please mark the answer as correct?

FranciscoD_ gravatar imageFranciscoD_ ( 2013-06-23 05:02:39 -0500 )edit

5 Answers

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answered 2013-06-04 09:50:19 -0500

Bucic gravatar image
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answered 2013-06-04 09:33:24 -0500

You can use the 'Disks' GUI utility to restore a disc image to the drive, or you can*carefully* use the dd utility:

dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/yourusbdrive

To make sure you have the right drive path, enter the command su -c 'journalctl -f' before you insert the drive and watch to see what drive path is assigned. dd is destructive to whatever media you point it at, so be careful!

Any method you use will of course write over the data on the USB stick, so make sure you don't have anything important on it. If the image is designed for a DVD instead of USB media I'm not sure we can change that.

Make sure you also have bootable Fedora media on hand as well. Windows will overwrite your bootloader, and you will need to reinstall GRUB afterwards. A search on this site will come up with instructions for that.

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answered 2013-10-05 10:12:23 -0500

Rod gravatar image

updated 2013-10-05 10:14:46 -0500

I wanted to install Windows 7 into a computer without a CD-DVD drive, so I wanted to install it from a USB drive. What worked for me was:

  1. Formatted the USB drive with NTFS and marked it as bootable. (You can do this with gparted)
  2. Copied the files from the Windows 7 iso image of the DVD (or DVD itself) into the USB drive.
  3. Installed ms-sys into my fedora box as follows:

Download (ms-sys)


$ tar xvf ms-sys-2.3.0.tar.gz
$ cd ms-sys
$ make
# make install
  1. Write a Windows 7 MBR to the USB drive as root:

    ms-sys -n /dev/sdbx

sdbx is your USB drive. ms-sys has many options, originally someone did it with -7 instead of -n, but -7 didn't work for me. So if this doesn't work for you, maybe you need to try other options just type:

ms-sys --help

I was able to do this, thanks to this (link) There are also other options like installing (unetbootin) but that didn't work for me. I also tried the above

dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/yourusbdrive

But no luck either, maybe I needed to change something in the command.

Hope this helps! Cheers!

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answered 2013-06-03 15:40:18 -0500

hedayat gravatar image

You can try this: http:// You'll probably need some help about this guide (if you are new to GNU/Linux in general), feel free to ask questions about it here. I hope you have some familiarity with GNU/Linux command line though.

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answered 2017-12-10 04:57:41 -0500

Many of us afraid of installing windows and seeking help from others. But it’s just a guideline to follow, nothing else. Be confident about yourself and If you would like to install windows but don’t have CD or DVD drive, there is a solution for you. You can install windows 7 without CD and It’s really easy to create a bootable USB flash drive with the right installation. >>

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