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'outb' Command Unknown in Grub

asked 2013-06-02 04:02:49 -0500

Keith Ó Dúlaigh gravatar image

updated 2014-04-11 15:48:50 -0500

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When using EFI booting with GRUB on Ubuntu and Linux Mint I am able to include "outb" commands in my grub config file to write values to particular memory addresses. But on Fedora 18 this gives a command not known warning.

Can anyone suggest how to get outb working?

Thanks, Keith

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Keith, comment about what you're trying to accomplish by calling outb in grub? We might be able to better help with more information about your goals.

randomuser gravatar imagerandomuser ( 2013-06-03 00:49:48 -0500 )edit

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answered 2013-06-02 20:29:53 -0500

$ yum provides \*bin/outb
Loaded plugins: langpacks, presto, refresh-packagekit
ioport-1.2-6.fc18.x86_64 : Access I/O ports
Repo        : fedora
Matched from:
Filename    : /usr/bin/outb

Is this what you're looking for?

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Hi randomuser, not quite. I want to send commands to the multiplexer in my laptop to switch off the Radeon graphics card. I have vgaswitcheroo working but it's a bit flaky and I think using outb commands from grub will help.

Keith Ó Dúlaigh gravatar imageKeith Ó Dúlaigh ( 2013-06-07 04:54:01 -0500 )edit

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