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Fedora 18 Netinstall Ethernet driver issue

asked 2013-05-21 16:07:18 -0500

markv12 gravatar image

updated 2013-06-04 22:59:47 -0500

Ok, I'm trying to install Fedora 18 via Netinstall (I'm using Netinstall because I want the MATE desktop). There is an issue with my motherboard (Gigabyte 78LMT-S2p) where the ethernet port doesn't even show up. Apparently this can be solved by installing a driver, but in the case of the Netinstall, you can't even get to a full terminal.

Basically my question is, how can you troubleshoot ethernet issues with the Netinstall disk?

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1 Answer

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answered 2013-06-04 23:00:50 -0500

I don't know how to help you with your netinstall, but I just wanted to point out that you should be able to install MATE from the DVD install.

Maybe that would work out better for you?

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Asked: 2013-05-21 16:07:18 -0500

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