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Hi All.

1:I have a registration form written in html. 2: i have validated this form in javascript.

But when i searched how to insert data in mysql, it was a surprised to know that javascript is a client side and not server side script. hence i need a php script to insert data.

You would have realised my this moment that i am a absolute novice to this. Now i have two options.

1: Either I have to learn php at first place then validate the form in php next insert the data in mysql. this will make me a little bit bored. javascript was preety easy and simple

2: Or keep the data validated in javascript and then insert it in mysql by the help of php.

Is the second option possible? if yes can someone guide me how to.

I have L.A.M.P installed and running, And I have everything in /var/www/html directory.

thanks in advance



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@amod welcome to askfedora, this is fedora site and question are related to this as you can see in the FAQ, you should ask this kind of question in a programmer forum and you will have a better support, for example stackexchange

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