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fedora 18 installation storage problem

asked 2013-03-05 03:30:43 -0500

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updated 2013-06-05 23:33:00 -0500

I'm trying to install fedora 18, off a live usb. I'm already dual booting - windows 7 and fedora 17. I want to replace the fedora 17 partitions with fedora 18 ones. however, I get a whole host of errors making it impossible to begin the installation:

1) under 'INSTALLATION DESTINATION', is 'Error checking storage configuration'. I click on this and see my hard drive. click continue, and see that there is 'O B Free space available for use' and 'O B Free space unavailable from existing partitions' and '305.24 GB Space in selected disks reclaimable by deleting existing partitions'. this is fine with me - I'm perfectly happy to delete the existing Linux partitions to free up space.

2) with 'I don't need help; let me customize disk partitioning' UNCHECKED, I click 'Reclaim space'. in the next window, I switch the two Linux associated partitions from 'preserve' to 'delete', and click 'Reclaim space'. this returns me to the main screen, this time under 'INSTALLATION DESTINATION' 'Failed to save storage configuration', which changes to 'Error checking storage configuration'. hence, we are in exactly the same position as 1)

3) if, at 2) I check 'I don't need help; let me customize disk partitioning', I go to a new screen, with three headings. 'New Fedora 18 Installation', 'Fedora Linux 17 for 86_64' and 'Unknown', which I assume to by the Windows partition(s). I can delete everything under the Fedora 17 heading with no problems. If I then click 'Click here to create them automatically' (the Fedora 18 mount points), a red error appears at the bottom - 'Automatic partitioning failed. Click for details'. if I click the bar, the message 'partition is too small for EFI System Partition formatting (allowable size is 50 MB to 1048576 MB)' appears.

4) if instead of clicking 'Click to create them automatically', I manually create them, and then proceed to 'Finish Partitioning', I am returned to 1) - 'Error checking storage configuration'. however, this time when I click the 'INSTALLATION DESTINATION', there is a yellow bar at the bottom. clicking reveals this message 'you have not created a bootloader stage1 target device sda2 must have one of the following disklabel types: gpt.' clicking ''modify storage layout' simply returns me to the previous screen'.

I did also try the 'reformat' option - results were the same as manually deleting the old partitions and creating new ones.

I have tried searching most (if not all) of the error messages, to discover quite a few people have had similar problems, none of which (to my knowledge) have solutions which are applicable in my case. after working at this for an entire night, I'm slightly annoyed at a process which should be relatively straightforward.

thus, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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answered 2013-03-09 14:21:04 -0500

On my thinkpad t420 i choose in bios a setting related to what kind of bios is presented to the OS... i had "UEFI and legacy" (so to UEFI enabled OS will be presented the UEFI bios) and i switched to "Legacy only". Problem solved :)

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