Grub2 crypto and verify operations are slow

asked 2019-04-27 23:11:30 -0500

Benjamin Doron gravatar image

updated 2019-04-27 23:48:30 -0500

I'm trying to test to prepare it for "complete" status, but I'm getting caught at testing the functionality with verify_detached <path to a file> <path to file's .sig>. It's either hanging or taking way too long (greater than 10 minutes). The effect of this is that attempting to boot takes impossibly long (I haven't timed it, because it hasn't succeeded yet. I would presume that it takes a long time, or never does actually boot), because it would have to verify several files.

Similarly, utilising the cryptodisk functionality takes a long time, but unlike "verify," it does actually succeed in a semi-reasonable amount of time (but much longer than decrypting the root partition in initramfs).

Grub is likely single-threaded, but this is too long. I'm looking for an explanation or help. Thanks.

(This is a RSA 2048-bit key, on an i7-6500U, if it helps)

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