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How to install Fedora with VNC

asked 2019-04-18 08:55:18 -0500

Mic gravatar image

I follow the steps from https://anaconda-installer.readthedoc...

I add "inst.vnc" to the boot options but all goes without VNC command being taken into account.

I can see from Ctrl+Alt+F2 / Root that the VNC command exists, through dmesg output. But nothing else happens, GNOME is still started.

Is there something more to do? Or it's been removed from Fedora installer?

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answered 2019-04-18 10:26:36 -0500

Mic gravatar image

Turns out using net-install image instead of the full live-cd image to boot up makes things work.

It is probably obvious for people knowing what's going on behind the curtains, but it might be a good thing to mention it in the docs :)

Also, had to use vncconnectConnect mode from

Direct mode anaconda didn't work (no specific error message seen, didn't investigate as it works with vncconnect but probable cause is a firewall on my network).

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