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Error when restarting or waking computer

asked 2019-03-26 09:32:34 -0500

bojohnson02 gravatar image

updated 2019-03-27 16:06:50 -0500

I just recently did a fresh install of Fedora 29 on my Lenovo laptop. I keep getting this error whenever I wake up the laptop, but it seems to be causing problems when I restart it as well. Error I'm getting: I'm not sure what this error means or if it's fixable, or if there's a bug out there for this already. Any help on knowing how I could fix this would be great.

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answered 2019-03-27 14:47:53 -0500

stonedrebel gravatar image

Can you tell us more about the install? Which version of Fedora, Workstation with Gnome? Are you using Nvidia?

Kernel 5.0 is a very recent one, I suspect there could be a relation with your problem.

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Yeah, so this is Fedora 29 Workstation with Gnome. I'm not using any Nvidia drivers, but the integrated Intel graphics. Would there be a way for me to switch back to an older kernel version?

bojohnson02 gravatar imagebojohnson02 ( 2019-03-27 15:42:19 -0500 )edit

You should have at least 3 older kernels installed. While booting (on the grub2 menu) selects another kernel (4.20.x) and see if the problem persists.

florian gravatar imageflorian ( 2019-03-27 20:15:32 -0500 )edit

I was able to change to a different kernel, in this case to 4.18, but still got an error on waking up the computer. The reason for the error I can find is

WARNING: CPU: 1 PID: 3481 at drivers/net/wireless/broadcom/brcm80211/brcmfmac/pno.c:77 brcmf_pno_remove_request+0xac/0xd0 [brcmfmac] [brcmfmac]

I wonder, is there a way to update or change this driver?

bojohnson02 gravatar imagebojohnson02 ( 2019-03-27 23:32:18 -0500 )edit

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