Windows 10 disappeared after installing Fedora 29 [closed]

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EDIT: After a week of no news and still finding no solution, I decided to reinstall both systems after all.

Hi, guys.

Yesterday, I installed Fedora with the goal of dual-booting with Windows 10.The installation was giving me trouble when setting the partitions and, after getting frustrated with having to reconfigure my partitions every time the same error occured, I read somewhere that disabling UEFI might fix it for me. I naiively tried it and it did work but yeah, big mistake. Now I can't boot into my Windows 10. I can see all my Win10 files and mount the drive they're on on Fedora without issue, but none of the solutions I've found online and understood enough to confidently follow have allowed me to boot into the other system.

Here's some things I remember doing:

I tried copying my Windows boot files to fedora's boot directory to add them to grub (which did not detect them) as per steps 1-3 of this guide:

I also used the Startup Recovery and bootrec command from the Windows 10 installation USB, which did nothing to help me either. I don't want to fiddle too much with it on my own, in case it breaks my Fedora installation too, so I decided to ask for help from some more experienced users.

Is there anything I can do to fix my blunder or am I just forced to backup my files and reinstall both systems in UEFI? I have quite a few big apps installed on my Windows so I would love to do anything I can to avoid downloading all their installers again.


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