F28 - folder naming - auto-return

asked 2019-03-04 19:33:13 -0500

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Cinnamon 4.0.8 Linux Kernel 4.20.11-100.fc28.x86_64

Here is an issue that just started today. When renaming a folder (via "rename..." in context menu), each character I press (aside from arrow keys) is automatically followed by a return. Ie: If I enter one character, it jumps out of naming mode. It is not a keyboard issue. I am able to type in this forum just fine.

I have tried: unplugging/plugging keyboard, reverting back to a previous verion of f28, creating a new folder (which then has to be named - but still has the same auto-return issue during initial naming). looking for updates via dnf-dragora (which is my primary method of updating).

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What is your file explorer? Nautilus? Have you tried with another one?

Toover gravatar imageToover ( 2019-03-05 02:38:25 -0500 )edit

I believe it is just called "Files". New things to add:

This only happens in "icon" view. The folder containing the rest of the ones I was trying to rename: let's call it "Master". I tried separating the folders contained in master into two separate folders, let's say A and B. I am able to rename the folders contained in A & B just fine. So then I recombine the folders in A & B back into Master and... voila, end of issue. I can now rename to my heart's content. This paragraph of troubleshooting was done without rebooting.

Connor84 gravatar imageConnor84 ( 2019-03-05 05:25:51 -0500 )edit

Issue resolved for the time being, but I am very curious as to what was causing this to happen.

Connor84 gravatar imageConnor84 ( 2019-03-05 05:28:40 -0500 )edit

check bugzilla for a similar report.

rdtcustomercare gravatar imagerdtcustomercare ( 2019-03-12 13:02:41 -0500 )edit