Latex displays blank pdf window

asked 2019-02-27 10:15:50 -0500

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I'm really new to Latex, so far I've installed the latest version of MiKTeX (here) and TexMaker on a Win7 without any problems even after the first tries and examples.

However I need to write in Latex also on my Fedora 29 laptop, so I've installed the package texlive-scheme-small (because I don't need everything from the 2-3GB full package) and TexMaker, both with dnf command. Download and installtion went fine, no problem.

Here it starts to be troubling: I launch TexMaker for the first time, it opens, I write some code (only documentclass, title, author, date, maketitle and begin\end), I press Quick Build (as I was doing on Win7) and it displays a window, called "text.pdf", with what I expected to see, so I close the window and go back to modify the code (let's say I only change the date or maybe I do not modify anything), the next time I press Quick Build it would display a blank window, called "text.pdf", without any warnings or errors or suspicious logs in the console at the bottom.

I think the program works almost fine, because if I go to the folder where I saved the .tex file, it shows a .pdf file and if I open it displays what I coded in TexMaker without any error and even with changes I made after closing the Quick Build window the first time.

What could cause this? Is it better to just switch editor?


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