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Fedora 29 on Virtualbox undergoes "factory-like" reset after restart

asked 2019-02-22 01:21:41 -0500

Fedora 29 has been installed on Virtual box with 20G and 4 cores. Every time I logout/log into Fedora the computer undergoes a "factory-like" reset. In other words all files and created usernames are deleted and I basically get a brand new desktop environment.

Trying to log into the terminal keeps asking for username and password even though I never specified a password. If I do create a new username with a password, this also doesn't work for logging into the terminal as it just keeps asking for a username and password and as I've said the username disappears after logout.

Is this an installation issue? Is this an issue with Virtualbox? Am I missing some simple step in the installation or with how Fedora operates? Has anyone experienced a similar problem? I also have Ubuntu installed on VB and it works perfectly fine but I need Fedora since the latest version of the program I need to use (OpenBabel) is build for Fedora. And I specifically need to use the command line version of the program (of which the Windows version doesn't work on Windows 10 for some or other reason).

What I essentially need is a stable Fedora with console (similar to what I already have with Ubuntu) on my Windows computer (without installing alongside Windows).

Fedora workstation was donwloaded from here: Is there reason to believe the server or silverblue versions might work better?

Hope you can help! Best regards

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answered 2019-02-22 02:14:34 -0500

florian gravatar image

It sounds like you are using the Live system - the entire operating system as Live system in a readonly mode. To make Fedora 29 persistent, you need to install it! When you fire up your Live system, start the installer!

(Another thing I can think of: In case you have installed Fedora, you need to remove the install media (detach the .iso from the virtual machine), so a reboot doesn't fire up the Live CD again).

Anyway, you should download Fedora exclusively from (and the project's mirrors). Use the workstation images, or workstation spins that feature other Desktop Environments, but I would assume Silverblue or Server is not what you are looking for. (Other than there is no server live image, you are forced to install it)

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