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Switch from chrony to systemd-timesyncd

asked 2019-02-20 08:08:14 -0500

BrnVrn gravatar image

updated 2019-02-20 08:12:39 -0500

I would like to use systemd-timesyncd instead of chronyd, but when I try to remove chrony, DNF wants to remove anaconda and all kind of programs !? Shouldn't there be a client-ntpd meta-package that would be instantiated by either chrony or systemd-timesyncd or else ???

sudo dnf remove chrony\* 
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                     Arch    Version                        Repository  Size
 chrony                      x86_64  3.4-1.fc29                     @System    514 k
Removing dependent packages:
 kdump-anaconda-addon        noarch  005-2.20180730git966223e.fc29  @System    134 k
 ntpstat                     noarch  0.5-2.fc29                     @fedora    8.0 k
Removing unused dependencies:
 anaconda                    x86_64  29.24.7-2.fc29                 @updates     0   
 anaconda-core               x86_64  29.24.7-2.fc29                 @updates    10 M
 anaconda-gui                x86_64  29.24.7-2.fc29                 @updates   1.4 M
 anaconda-install-env-deps   x86_64  29.24.7-2.fc29                 @updates     0   
 anaconda-tui                x86_64  29.24.7-2.fc29                 @updates   371 k
 anaconda-user-help          noarch  26.1-8.fc29                    @System    574 k
 bcache-tools                x86_64  1.0.8-14.fc29                  @System    108 k
 blivet-gui-runtime          noarch  2.1.10-2.fc29                  @updates   1.0 M
 isomd5sum                   x86_64  1:1.2.3-3.fc29                 @System     70 k
 keybinder3                  x86_64  0.3.2-5.fc29                   @System     28 k
 libblockdev-btrfs           x86_64  2.20-2.fc29                    @System     31 k
 libblockdev-dm              x86_64  2.20-2.fc29                    @System     23 k
 libblockdev-kbd             x86_64  2.20-2.fc29                    @System     39 k
 libblockdev-mpath           x86_64  2.20-2.fc29                    @System     23 k
 libblockdev-plugins-all     x86_64  2.20-2.fc29                    @System      0   
 libreport-anaconda          x86_64  2.10.0-1.fc29                  @updates    18 k
 libtimezonemap              x86_64                 @System    6.7 M
 lxpolkit                    x86_64  0.5.3-2.fc29.5                 @System     38 k
 python3-blivet              noarch  1:3.1.2-1.fc29                 @updates   3.1 M
 python3-blockdev            x86_64  2.20-2.fc29                    @System     80 k
 python3-bytesize            x86_64  1.4-1.fc29                     @System     21 k
 python3-coverage            x86_64  4.5.1-3.fc29                   @System    942 k
 python3-meh                 noarch  0.47-1.fc29                    @System    280 k
 python3-meh-gui             noarch  0.47-1.fc29                    @System     24 k
 python3-ntplib              noarch  0.3.3-12.fc29                  @System     28 k
 python3-pid                 noarch  2.1.1-9.fc29                   @System     33 k
 python3-pwquality           x86_64  1.4.0-10.fc29                  @System     24 k
 python3-pyparted            x86_64  1:3.11.0-17.fc29               @System    357 k
 python3-pyudev              noarch  0.21.0-8.fc29                  @System    315 k
 python3-requests-file       noarch  1.4.3-8.fc29                   @System    9.4 k
 python3-requests-ftp        noarch  0.3.1-13.fc29                  @System     37 k
 python3-simpleline          noarch  1.4-1.fc29                     @updates   442 k
 tigervnc-license            noarch  1.9.0-3.fc29                   @System     18 k
 tigervnc-server-minimal     x86_64  1.9.0-3.fc29                   @System    2.9 M
 timedatex                   x86_64  0.5-5.fc29                     @System     54 k
 tmux                        x86_64  2.8-2.fc29                     @updates   767 k
 unique                      x86_64  1.1.6-21.fc29                  @System    169 k
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answered 2019-02-20 10:04:13 -0500

villykruse gravatar image

You can switch to systemd-timesyncd without removing the chrony package. You would then disable


and enable

systemd-timesyncd.service enabled

This used to cause various SELinux issues, but that has been fixed now.

I you run dnf remove --noautoremove remove chrony it should remove fewer packages. The anaconda package you normaly would not need, it is used by the initial install and then never again. The blivet-gui-runtime package can be useful to manipulate lvm configuration.

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