Legacy Mobo, Fedora ISO reboot loop before install

asked 2019-01-21 09:07:07 -0600

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updated 2019-01-25 13:45:51 -0600

I've been attempting to install Fedora Server 29 on my older box. I've been able to get the installation menu to come up but, as soon an option is selected. The machine reboots. The motherboard is legacy only, which seems to be the root cause of this issue. I attempted to install the OS attached to my newer machine and everything worked fine. Of course, the OS would boot after moving the HDD back to the legacy box. Any suggestions. I'm going to get black DVDs and try without USB later today.


Burning a DVD with the Fedora 29 Server install image. Was unsuccessful and results in the same reboot loop. Another possible outcome that I came across, is an Error Message states the the CPU fan had failed. After this message the fan has stopped, but it doesn't seem like anything is wrong with the fan. It seems like the motherboard is trying to fail. I would like someone to confirm, or a method to test this hypothesis.

UPDATE (1/25/19):

I have also tried installing Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS, with the same results. Ubuntu Server 18.10 will "install," (says installation is complete and to reboot), but will not boot after installation. With Fedora Server 27 (can't find 26, and 28 acts like 29), anaconda starts and functions until installation starts. At Configuring Storage, anaconda freezes. I've reset the BIOS, and cleared the CMOS, with no effect. If it helps I did some digging, the MOBO is a Foxconn H-RS880-uATX (Aloe). I couldn't find an update to its BIOS.

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