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using F29 guest with VMSVGA on virtualbox 6.0.2

asked 2019-01-17 20:06:38 -0500

Kvern gravatar image


Since Virtualbox 6 is released, I tried to use VMSVGA instead of vboxVGA graphic emulation to improve the performance of my fedora 29 guest machine on windows host at work.

It almost works, but the benefits of guest additions are lost: unable to dynamically change the resolution, unable to use dualscreen.

dmesg show error when loading the video module:

[    3.568250] [drm:vmw_host_log [vmwgfx]] *ERROR* Failed to send host log message.
[    3.568264] [drm:vmw_host_log [vmwgfx]] *ERROR* Failed to send host log message.

Seams like the guest additions is missing something: My installation contains:

virtualbox-guest-additions.x86_64                5.2.22-1.fc29                          @updates                  
virtualbox-guest-additions-ogl.x86_64            5.2.22-1.fc29                          @updates   
kernel.x86_64                                    4.19.15-300.fc29                       @updates                  
kernel-core.x86_64                               4.19.15-300.fc29                       @updates                  
kernel-devel.x86_64                              4.19.15-300.fc29                       @updates                  
kernel-headers.x86_64                            4.19.15-300.fc29                       @updates                  
kernel-modules.x86_64                            4.19.15-300.fc29                       @updates                  
kernel-modules-extra.x86_64                      4.19.15-300.fc29                       @updates

Do you know when this feature will be supported ?



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answered 2019-01-20 16:41:27 -0500

EtherealSoul gravatar image

Although I cannot say when the feature will be supported I can say how you can solve your issue for the auto-resizing. I just had the same issue.

First you need to remove the virtualbox-guest-additions and virtualbox-guest-additions-ogl, those are for version 5.2.22 of VirtualBox and you are running VirtualBox 6.

Next is to Install the guest additions from VirtualBox 6.

Main toolbar -> Devices -> Insert Guest Additions CD image

In the VM as root, go to:


followed by ./

Edit the file /etc/gdm/custom.conf and add the following to the [default] section:


Restart the VM. The login screen will still be lower resolution but after login it should resize properly.

I'm using the driver vmsvga and did the above and all working, although with some minor hiccups while opening/closing windows.

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