Fedora 29 glitches completely out

asked 2019-01-15 09:15:22 -0500

kkra gravatar image

So I'm dual booting F29 alongside win10 on a normal 2018 laptop. But after one day, the system began completely glitching out. I only get a few frames a second, and sometimes when i press a keystroke, it does that. But on the GRUB menu, if I select "Fedora 29 4.18-301-something" instead of "Fedora 29 4.19-300-something" it does not glitch this way. It just works normally.

My machine is a HP Omen gaming laptop from 2018. A GTX 1060, an i7, 16 gigs ram and a 120hz monitor, and the only packages I've installef are

Gnome tweak tool Fedy Vim Vlc Make Neofetch

And havent done nothing to any system files

Edit: writing on a phone is hard

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