Wayland and teamviewer

asked 2019-01-12 16:37:54 -0500

stratleray gravatar image

Forgive me for being a noob.

I have been using Fedora since F27. It made me stop distrohopping. (Btw, I also use Ubuntu.) Yes, I am satisfied atm.

Because Fedora (Gnome) always "solve" all my problems :)

But, can anybody tell my why Wayland does not work on Fedora in this case? I have to use Xorg log in before i use teamviewer. Fedora is usually always first and best. No bugs and no difficulties... Fedora started first, or very early, with Wayland and decided it to be the main display server.

Is this a Teamviewer case more than a Fedora case?

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Wayland is still new enough that certain programs have not been set to work with it, so yes, it is a teamviewer issue.

SteveEbey73701 gravatar imageSteveEbey73701 ( 2019-01-13 08:53:05 -0500 )edit

Ok, thanks :)

stratleray gravatar imagestratleray ( 2019-01-13 16:25:33 -0500 )edit

I haven't tried logging in with TeamViewer 14 with Fedora 29 but it opens up looking normal. In had previously used TeamViewer 13 under Wayland with Fedora 28 and it worked correctly.

offthewoll gravatar imageoffthewoll ( 2019-01-13 20:22:04 -0500 )edit

i have used teamviewer with fedora 29 to take remote control of a windows 10 computer, and it worked flawlessly. I have proprietary nvidia driver on my gtx 970. i run X and not wayland.

SteveEbey73701 gravatar imageSteveEbey73701 ( 2019-01-15 08:18:51 -0500 )edit