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Low FPS in minecraft

asked 2019-01-10 11:05:06 -0500

MiMillie gravatar image

Hey i've converted a friend to linux XD so well we got the same graphic card he got a i7 6800K and i got a I7 6700K and he has Low fps than me but not a little bit i'ts VERRY SLOW so if you have some explications tell me thanks he got proprietary drivers

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answered 2019-01-16 01:07:57 -0500

ksala gravatar image

Did he properly install the graphics driver, I'm guessing it's not installed yet? What's the graphics card nvidia and gtx? or AMD?

And what version of Fedora is he using?

first try this if it will solve the problem.

dnf update
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nvidia gtx and latest drivers and latest fedora up to date ps all work fine on other games just minecraft idk why

MiMillie gravatar imageMiMillie ( 2019-01-17 09:24:12 -0500 )edit

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