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sluggish login on fedora 28

asked 2019-01-05 17:58:07 -0500

nmgiffin gravatar image

I have a question about reducing the time required after initiating a login from the gnome login prompt until the desktop is useable. I recently installed a solid-state drive that now contains my boot and most system partitions while keeping the frequently changing system data & personal files on a standard hard disk. Boot up time is significantly improved (about 20 seconds), but the initial login to the gnome desktop after a cold boot seems quite sluggish in comparison. There is a great deal of disk activity and the desktop remains mostly unresponsive until this is finished. I want to know what I can do to improve this. This problem is only for initial login after boot. Subsequent login times are much quicker.

Current configuration is: AMD 8 core FX processor with 10 gigabytes memory

Fedora 28 64-bit system using kernel: vmlinuz-4.19.13-200.fc28.x86_64

Conventional hard disk partitioned using lvm /dev/sda2 contains 

Solid state disk contains : 
    /dev/sdb1   ----- boot  EFI System Partition

lvm partition on sdb


Since the problem seems to be one of disk I/O I took a screen snapshot of the system monitor with top disk I/O processes highlighted.

image description

From an old post to this board labeled: Very slow login It mentioned a problem with the packagekit.service and recommended some procedures. So I did the systemctl list-units and found some problems:

systemctl list-units shows the following failures:

  • dbxtool.service loaded failed failed Secure Boot DBX (blacklis...
  • mcelog.service loaded failed failed MachineCheck Exception L>....
  • packagekit.service loaded failed failed PackageKit...

I tried the recommended **dnf reinstall PackageKit-command-not-found** and it reinstalled but the service still shows a failure. The above screenshot is shown during a gnome.Xorg session, but the delay and errors are still present under wayland. Am I looking in the right direction to solve this or am I being distracted by unrelated problems?

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answered 2019-01-10 14:44:15 -0500

nmgiffin gravatar image

I have made a few changes to the system since my original post and there have been some improvements in the latency between initial login and a usable gnome desktop. I am not sure what change has allowed for the improvement however. I have removed personal directories from a rygel configuration file. I don't need this anyway. I pruned a lot of old obsolete files from my personal directories and I also did the dnf reinstall of the PackageKit service. It still posts a failure when the services are listed with the systemctl list-units command, but perhaps it now behaves differently. The other two errors mentioned above (dbxtool.service & mcelog.service) also still show up. My investigations show that they are both known and active bugs in the redhat bugzilla database, and hopefully they will get resolved in an upcoming release. I doubt that they are relevant to the problem I was describing anyway. There has also been some updates to several packages made to the system through normal system updates. One or several of these changes above has made improvements. So I will call the issue closed.

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