scanner issue with fedora 29 KDE (gnome tested too: partially working))

asked 2018-12-31 07:33:22 -0500

Hi there!

I recently bought a lexmark network scanner and printer. I am having issues to make the scanner work under fedora 29 KDE spin. I have been able to make it work (mostly) under fedora 29 gnome yesterday...

I want to keep the KDE desktop because it offers the activities features on virtual desks, and I don't like gnome that much... Anyway...

I have followed the lexmark setup guide for my printer (CX310n) :

I think I have been able to identify an issue with TCP/IP but I'd need help to solve it. Here's what I have:

Under terminal "Thomas@pc2 ~]$ scanimage -L" gives:

device lexmark_nscan:libnet/SPECIFY_DEVICE' is a Lexmark Network Scanner

under xsane standard options panel, scanner IP address says :, and to my understanding it should say In fact when manually changing those to i am able to communicate with the scan (menu option appears on scanner screen, a window pops up saying the profile was sent to scanner... from there I am able to launch the scan job.)

Another try with simple scan says "invalid IP/hostname, please provide a valid IP hostname".

I think this would be easy for you guys to solve. Where do I change the parameters to make sure that the network scanner is recognized? Where do I provide a valid hostname? how do I change that?

Additional info, not sure it helps but here we go : parameters page of the printer says WINS SERVER : thats the only line matching those

Happy fedora 2019 year to all!

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added a few minutes after the first post: noticed that instead of scanning, my device printed error pages saying: "Profile scan failed, unable to establish a TCP connexion with the server."

Thomas-L gravatar imageThomas-L ( 2018-12-31 07:42:15 -0500 )edit