Trusted Platform Module 1.2 or 2.0 and what about RAID 0? [closed]

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Hello I am rebuilding my AMD system after a motherboard failure and thought to add Trusted Platform Module to this new build. I see there is a TPM 1.2 version available for my motherboard. I am a Fedora user primarily. I have Windows 10 but basically just so I can use Windows if I need to. I am reading and learning about Trusted Platform Module for the first time, and so far, I don't like 2.0 for the possible "Big Brother" aspect so I am feeling okay with ordering the TPM 1.2 hardware. This time around I am spending for RAID 0 storage configuration ( via software ) and will have two such separate RAID 0 setups. Two Hard drives as one and two SSDs; as the other. I am very tired of losing data and or being afraid of losing data.

My two part question is " 1: Is it okay to stick with TPM 1.2 and 2: can I replace a failed drive in a RAID 0 configuration if I add TPM 1.2?

I welcome any advice on TPM too.

Thank You

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