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dnf update --nodeps

asked 2018-12-25 20:22:25 -0500

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Is there a way to dnf update --nodeps?.

Sometimes the libraries are already installed but packages are name differently depending on the distro,

For example while installing teamviewer:

Teamviewer requires library qt5-qtdeclarative, but on mageia it is called qtdeclarative5.

So to install teamviewer on mageia I just type: urpmi --force --allow-nodeps teamviewer but I have to download it and then install it manually.

teamviewer creates a dnf repository and not a urpmi compatible one. so, while using: dnf update I cannot update teamviewer because it complains about that "missing" package.

If teamviewer would have an urpmi compatible repository I would not have any problems while updating.

It would be nice to have an option to "dnf update --allow-nodeps".


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answered 2018-12-25 20:28:43 -0500

aeperezt gravatar image

Dnf as Yum was design to over come the dependencies issues on rpm because of that having nodeps option will mean to eliminate the reason to exists. If you want to install a package with no deps then you can always use rpm directly not use dnf or yum.

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