Resolving Grub2-EFI boot error with Fedora 29 running Xen? [closed]

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I installed Xen 4.11.1 on my server running Fedora 29 server edition. Upon rebooting and trying to boot from the Xen option at the Grub2 menu I get an error stating the following:

error: ../../grub-core/fs/fshelp.c:258:file `/grub2/x86_64-efi/module2.mod` not found
error: ../../grub-core/fs/fshelp.c:258:file `/grub2/x86_64-efi/multiboot2.mod` not found
error:../../grub-core/script/function.c:109:can't find command `multiboot2`

Then the system goes back to the Grub2 menu for my select another option to boot from.

From what I have been reading the issue appears to be something to do with the package grub2-efi-x64-modules not including the required modules in order to satisfy grub2's dependencies. This appears to be a reoccurring issue in the Bugzilla reports I was able to find.

Has anyone ran across this issue and found a fix? I am sort of dead in the water until I can get this resolved.

I am running Fedora 29 server edition with kernel 4.19.10-300, the machine is currently running with all current updates available from the standard repos.

My efforts to get XEN EFI to work have been minimal at best. When I create the xen.cfg file in /boot/efi/EFI/fedora/ and add the EFI boot entry for efibootmgr it shows up in the system, attempts to boot then fails. I am not 100% sure if my config is right though so that might be my fault.

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