Screen Flickering - Fedora 29 - Atom text editor - Intel HD620

asked 2018-12-21 10:22:17 -0500

I have extremely annoying issue with Atom text editor. Atom window flickering (random white flashes) are pretty much unbearable. When launching Atom with --disable gpu. The issue is gone, but this is not a real solution to the problem because CPU rendering is horrible. Note that I am using Thinkad T470 with HD620 connected to LG 3880x1440 ultrawide monitor. All other applications so far seem to work fine with no screen flickering issues.

So likely, this is an Intel video driver issue? Any suggestions would be awesome! Thank you.

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I'm sorry, I have no idea how this got posted three times in the questions list.

RandomFeforaUser gravatar imageRandomFeforaUser ( 2018-12-21 10:26:13 -0500 )edit