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remove gnome software center

asked 2018-12-04 11:45:09 -0500

LDBarnes gravatar image

I did a dumb thing I installed the gnome software center on cinnamon 29, it is creating conflicts. I've tried all kinds of line command variations to remove it, nothing seems to work. Please tell me the line command to undo this snafu. Thank you my firends

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answered 2018-12-04 12:11:19 -0500

ed209 gravatar image

What kind of conflicts do you have, as it's first time ever I read something of that kind. The best practice it to simply ignore the program. If you really need a graphical interface to dnf install dnfdragora.

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Ever since I installed it when I boot up I get SElinux alert : *SELinux is preventing plymouthd from getattr access on the directory /sys/firmware/efi/efivars Plugin restorecon (99.5 confidence) suggests If you want to fix the label. /sys/firmware/efi/efivars default label should be sysfs_t. Then you can run restorecon. The access attempt may have been stopped due to insufficient permissions to access a parent directory in which case try to change the following command accordingly. Do

/sbin/restorecon -v /sys/firmware/efi/efivars*

The only change was the gnome software center

LDBarnes gravatar imageLDBarnes ( 2018-12-04 12:51:55 -0500 )edit

I go ahead and restore and when I boot again I get the same alert, so my only conclusion is the gnome software center since that is the only change I made

LDBarnes gravatar imageLDBarnes ( 2018-12-04 12:54:30 -0500 )edit

That's a bug of selinux. It has absolutely nothing to do with gnome parts.

ed209 gravatar imageed209 ( 2018-12-04 13:40:14 -0500 )edit

Thank you is this a serious thing or is it something that will eventually be patched?

LDBarnes gravatar imageLDBarnes ( 2018-12-04 23:53:55 -0500 )edit

Thank you, is this something I should be concerned with? Or just chill out until the patch comes?

LDBarnes gravatar imageLDBarnes ( 2018-12-04 23:55:58 -0500 )edit

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