installing arduino package doesn't install but doesn't fail either

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I installed arduino package on Fedora 27 over a year ago, but trying to run it today (the first try in many months) shows the "default placeholder icon" which offers to install it via Gnome. So I let it. It ran to 98% and then stopped advancing and the applet seemed dead. I let it alone for several hours (while I did other things) but it did not change nor complete.

I closed the install applet and tried running Arduino via Gnome. The icon showed up—the same as before—but Arduino does not start (and doesn't give any error). I tried "Show Details" on the icon, but nothing appears. Nor does running it.

I have tried removing Arduino and installing it again. It completes but no difference: nothing happens.

Any ideas what to try?


After getting nowhere with this and the distraction of holiday events, I am inspired to get to the bottom of this. I learned that the arduino Gnome shortcut is in /usr/share/applications/cc.arduino.arduinoide.desktop which contains this:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Arduino IDE
GenericName=Arduino IDE
Comment=Open-source electronics prototyping platform
Keywords=embedded electronics;electronics;avr;microcontroller;

So at a command line, I typed the Exec value and get this:

[wally@localhost ~]$ arduino
    at java.awt.SplashScreen.getSplashScreen(

Searching for that exception provides this answer which doesn't explain what might have happened or what I should do to fix it.

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