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ssh-agent is only started for Xorg not Wayland on Fedora 29

asked 2018-11-27 08:03:36 -0600

MettaCrawler gravatar image

updated 2018-11-27 09:02:04 -0600

After upgrading from Fedora 28 to 29 I tried using ssh from Gnome and I was not prompted to unlock my ssh key with the GUI anymore.

I found that the environment variables SSH_AUTH_SOCK and SSH_AGENT_PID where not set and ssh-agent was not running.

I found this bug report about it from 2015 but it appears nothing may have been done.

It works find if I switch from the default of Wayland to Gnome on Xorg using the gear icon on the gdm login screen.

I also did a clean installation of Fedora 29 in a VM and the same issue exists there.

Is there a way to configure Wayland to run ssh-agent automatically at login the way it is already being done with Xorg?

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answered 2018-11-27 09:31:47 -0600

MettaCrawler gravatar image

updated 2019-02-18 08:53:29 -0600

So far the best answer I can find is to DIY it with a custom systemd unit file under your home directory that uses Funtoo keychain which is available in the keychain RPM. Funny thing is that wayland on ubuntu starts ssh-agent out-of-the-box without needing to do this set up work.

sudo dnf install keychain
mkdir -p ~/.config/systemd/user/

Create ~/.config/systemd/user/keychain.service

Description=Start keychain

ExecStart=/usr/bin/keychain --quiet --systemd --agents ssh


Enable the keychain service (don't use sudo)

$ systemctl --user enable keychain

Then of course log into wayland after either logging out or rebooting.


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