Remove printer

asked 2018-11-17 03:59:22 -0500

fordprefect gravatar image

I was trying to add my Epson Printer via installing the epson package and configuring it over gnome-settings. That didn't really worked. I could print, but I couldn't set any settings like colors, double-sided etc. So I read about the better working config over localhost:631. I could add the printer there and it works like expected.

However I am left with one problem. The printer I added first can't be removed. If I delete it over gnome-settings it's removed but if I leave the setting and come back it's there again. It also doesn't show up in localhost:631 to be removed there. I thought maybe it is there because I installed the epson-printer-utility. But even after removing this package, the printer is still there.

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