Media Writer used my external HDD instead of USB stick!

asked 2018-11-05 04:53:55 -0500

I connected my external HDD drive (1T) and a USB stick (4G) to my laptop (win10 home). I downloaded the fedora media writer to my external hdd and then ran it. The program started downloading and I checked to continue to the writing procedure (I thought that it would use the usb stick or it would ask me which one to use). After doing some other tasks, I saw that it was in the "preparing to write" mode, and a drop-down list underneath with the name of my external hdd. I clicked and chose my usb flash drive. I then went to "my computer" to check the external hdd files, but there were no usb drives connected! I removed the hdd and re opened the media writer to continue with the usb stick (it completed successfully). But what about my hdd? Did I lose everything in it???

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