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How to downgrade wpa_supplicant on Fedora 28.

asked 2018-10-22 20:15:12 -0500

Marco Aurélio gravatar image


I am new to Fedora and would like to downgrade package wpa_supplicant from the current version to an older version. Since this package is a key component for connecting to the internet, so I downloaded my target version and the current stable version, in case I need to reinstall the package:

wpa_supplicant-2.3-3.fc22.src.rpm wpa_supplicant-2.6-17.fc28.src.rpm

Nevertheless, when I try to downgrade, the answer is the following:

$ sudo dnf downgrade wpa_supplicant-2.3-3.fc22.src.rpm Última verificação de data de vencimento de metadados: 1:22:47 atrás em seg 22 out 2018 20:36:31-03. O pacote wpa_supplicant não está instalado, não é possível fazer downgrade. Nenhuma correspondência para argumento: wpa_supplicant-2.3-3.fc22.src.rpm Erro: No packages marked for downgrade.

Which means the for dnf the package wpa_supplicant is not installed (Sorry, but language the operational system is assigned as portuguese). Thus, by checking which version of this package is installed we get:

bash-4.4$ sudo dnf list wpa_supplicant Última verificação de data de vencimento de metadados: 1:29:37 atrás em seg 22 out 2018 20:36:31 -03. Pacotes instalados wpa_supplicant.x86_64 1:2.6-17.fc28 @updates Which means that I can't downgrade because both packages are assigned different names: wpa_supplicant and wpa_supplicant.x86_64. So, isn't there a command to tell dnf something like:

$ sudo dnf downgrade this_package using_this_package

Hope someone can help me! Regards

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answered 2018-10-23 00:10:17 -0500

villykruse gravatar image

You downloaded the source rpm where you should have downloaded the binary rpm such as for example


This package may or may not be installable on your system depending on dependencies on other packages.

wpa_supplicant and wpa_supplicant.x86_64 is the same thing. The x86_64 suffix just says that this package is for a 64 biit system.

To download you may try using dnf download wpa_supplicant which will download the current version. For the fc22 version try dnf --releasever=22 download vpa_supplicant. I don't know if that would work, though.

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Thanks @villykruse,

In fact, it did not work. But your answer helped me to find the right command for downgrading:

sudo dnf --releasever=22 downgrade wpa_supplicant

Marco Aurélio gravatar imageMarco Aurélio ( 2018-10-23 08:50:26 -0500 )edit

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