Anyone have an idea on why printed color blue is bad? (new FC28) [closed]

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I've just installed a new FC28 Workstation. I've a brother HL-4150CDN attached via network.

I now find that just the color BLUE is bad when printing anything.

I've printed from several different apps, all get the same results.

Because it is network, I can connect from a different distro. It prints just fine.

This tells me the printer isn't the problem.

This printer worked fine earlier this week on FC27, and it worked fine years ago for FC26.

I've tried two differnt type of connections dnssd & lpd.

I've tried all the brother 4050 & 4070 drivers. I've tried a generic postscript driver. There are drivers that have much worse color problems than the BR PSCR 3 drivers.

I do not have another printer to test with.

I did not go to the brother website and install their drivers. I'm trying the FC28 delivered stuff before I get those.

My system is fully updated.

Any ideas for a solution would be very appreciated.


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Additional notes:

The blue color is so light as to almost be unreadable, even when bolded.

All the other colors, green, red, black,cyan, magenta, yellow, etc., all look just fine.

conixks1 gravatar imageconixks1 ( 2018-10-17 09:54:44 -0500 )edit

It seems everyone is just as stumped as I am.

So I downloaded the drivers from Brothers support page, and ran the installer. It would seem that if I'm going to use this printer with Fedora, I'm going to have to install the drivers every time I install Fedora fresh.

All the colors print fine now.

I would like to encourage Fedora to include all the needed drivers for the HL-4150 just like they do for some of the other similar Brother models.

Thanks everyone.

conixks1 gravatar imageconixks1 ( 2018-11-02 17:24:25 -0500 )edit