How to use a Fedora Docker image to build a code? [closed]

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I want to build a C++ code with cmake that needs gcc6. From the discussion in, @hedayat recommend to use a docker image to install gcc6. I think that is a good idea to avoid a system conflict later.

Now, found a fedora gcc6 docker image and I executed docker pull mccaskey/base-fedora-gcc6, then docker run mccaskey/base-fedora-gcc6. Now, docker ps shows me that the container is running. But then how can I build the C++code with cmake? I cannot find a gcc6 binary on my terminal. Shall I write the cmake build procedure also in the Dockerfile? if yes, where can I find the Dockerfile of the downloaded image in the filesystem?


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Ok, I found out how to build a docker image with gcc6 using a customized Dockerfile. I don't need that base-fedora-gcc6 image anymore.

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