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asked 2018-09-07 10:01:59 -0500

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I've been out of the IT industry for a few years, but want to get back in. Planning on taking LPIC/Redhat/Suse/nagios certs to help. To do this, I am buying a new desktop with plenty of memory (32GB) to run virtual distros. Quite happy with what I have agreed on the machine specs generally, but am a little wary about the the video card. It is an ASUS RX560 2GB PCIe OC PCIe Video Card, based on an an AMD chipset. Can anyone tell me if this is compatible with Debian/Red Hat? Is it plug and play - does it requires additional drivers? Does it work at all with linux? Previously I have only used NVidea cards, so I am a little unsure.

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answered 2018-09-07 12:34:46 -0500

RX560 is the Polaris family. IMO probably the best supported GPU on linux out of the box, hands down. I've an RX550 since it was new; been through several version of Fedora and have not had problem one.

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