NVIDA Quadro P1000M shows up Wrong in lspci

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I try to passtrough my dedicateed GPU to a VM via QEMU and LIBvirt. So far so good it seems like it works since the VM don´t hangs the Host system. The problem i got is if i´m doing a "lspci -nn | grep NVIDIA" it prints out:

VGA compatible controller [0300] : NVIDIA Corporation Device [10de:1cbb]

And the HDMI sound of this card is marked with GP107GLM.

In the Windows VM NVIDIA Sound will show up. Also if i´m using the detection of NVIDIA in Geforce Experience it will detect a P1000 Quadro but in the device Manager it will show up as "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter".

It seems like this has to do with the result lspci it shown. Here is the GP107GLM [Quadro P1000 Mobile] missing. I try to get the Bios of this card but this is loked .

I use a Dell Precision 7530.

EDIT: I try a lspci with Archlinux and got the correct result. But i dont want to use Arch. So is there maybe a FIX ?

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You could try to run update-pciids, which loads the latest translations for PCI IDs to human readable names. I doubt that this will solve your problem, but would be interested in the outcome.

thomaswood gravatar imagethomaswood ( 2018-09-01 13:37:15 -0500 )edit