VMplayer not working

asked 2018-08-14 03:43:25 -0500

tsadoq gravatar image

Hello everyone, i'm trying to run vmware player on fedora 28 (kernel is 4.17) but it fails to start, the log is https://pastebin.com/DsnAw1kN

I tried the all the hints i found on google but they don't work

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@tsadoq , vmware is always a pain from kernel to kernel release you have got to touch the vmnet and vmon c library that why i migrate to gnome-boxes and kvm or include virtualbox, let me time to check whe is the patch is there is one , regards.,

hhlp gravatar imagehhlp ( 2018-08-14 04:43:04 -0500 )edit

Sorry to see you're having problems with this. On my machine Player 14 installed cleanly and works fine. I have intel CPU/chipset and nVidia graphics, but I don't know if that makes a difference.

tsadoq: On my system, VMware Player 14 has required nothing more than acknowledging a request to update kernel modules after a kernel point release update.

rbmorse gravatar imagerbmorse ( 2018-08-16 16:46:17 -0500 )edit

but gnome-boxes has audio problems , i installed fedora 29 on gnome-boxes, it did not have audio.

christianbueno gravatar imagechristianbueno ( 2018-11-02 23:23:09 -0500 )edit