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Nautilus can see network shares, but not join

asked 2018-07-11 01:21:22 -0500

saywot gravatar image

I've just completed a fresh install of Fedora 28 and need to connect to my NAS to access files. However theres a hitch. I can see the server - twice NAS (ftp) NAS (file sharing)

Nautilus tries to open both as if they're files and suggests I search for an application to open them.

I've disabled SELINUX stopped firewalld, rebooted often to no avail.

Samba is installed and the service is running.

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answered 2018-07-12 22:35:40 -0500

saltydog gravatar image

Samba is for serving files, not connecting to shares. You can mount them as root, see "man mount.cifs". You can also mount smb urls in Nautilus undef "other connections" For the smb uri schemes, see I'd imagine there must be some security on your NAS dev so you probably need to supply that as that link specifies. Note that you NAS dev is probably running some version of samba too and if you made changes to it in the past, like in the hosts allow global key, that could be affecting you too.

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