Tried installing Fedora alongside Windows 10 - No Operating System Found

asked 2018-07-03 13:40:07 -0500

NandaGG gravatar image

So, I installed Fedora on a live USB and tried installing it to my PC. I think I somehow messed up the ESP boot partition and whenever I start my computer it says "no operating system found". I can still access the live USB from my BIOS and when I check my files, they are all still intact. Now, I have two questions:-

  • Is there a way to delete files from my hard drive, it is read-only right now and is it possible to change that?
  • Is there a possibility of creating a recovery image of my Windows partition(C: drive) and back it up to a D: drive or a complete separate harddisk that i have? If there is, how do I proceed after that? What do I do to fix the boot stuff without losing the files in my D: drive which doesn't have the Windows Operating System.

Some technical specs:-

  • Running Fedora 28 Workstation
  • Windows 10 Pro OS
  • 1 TB HDD

Windows Operating System drive size 60 GB(Could be reduced to around 50 if I could delete files from it) D: drive - 560 GB free space Separate harddisk - 120 GB Size of live USB running Fedora shows 6.8 GB with 1 GB free but it is actually a 16 GB USB stick.

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