Audio only works for a few seconds after boot.

asked 2018-06-26 07:39:19 -0500

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Recently installed fedora 28 on an Asus UX461UN, and I have what seems to be an unusual problem. Whenever I power on the device, audio will work for a few seconds, after which I get no sound. For example, clicking the Gnome volume control gets me those little blips, until it doesn't. Or if I start firefox right away, I can get sound on a youtube video for about a second before the audio fades away.

Other audio problems seem to be solved by configuring alsamixer/pavucontrol properly, but these seem to be reporting that everything is in working order, even after the audio stops (according to pavucontrol, sound is still being output from the speakers, even though it isn't in reality). I'm fairly confident the problem isn't totally with the hardware, since I have windows 10 installed on the same machine with no audio problems. Does anyone know what could be causing this kind of problem? Thanks in advance.

pastebin with output from command ' --no-upload'

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